Fizz Dispense Optimization Group
Fizz leads the draught beer, wine, liquor, coffee and soda industries with the innovation of Nitro-Draught

Creating a new way to dispense beer and wine, Fizz’s new line of Nitro-DraughtTM 

nitrogen and mixed gas dispense systems offer you the perfect wine and draught beer dispense solution.  The systems create 99.8% pure nitrogen from the air.  The pure nitrogen can be used for wine dispense and blended with carbon dioxide for trouble free dispense of draught beer.  By creating a unique and fully customized blends of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, you can greatly minimize foaming at the tap, preserve the brewery freshness and increase the shelf life of beer.  With our systems you get a better looking and tasting draught, less waste, more profits and most importantly, satisfied and loyal customers.

Nitro-Draught for Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee
Beer and Wine Done Right!
Nitro-Draught Basic Overview
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Nitro-Draught Complete Spec Sheet

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