Fizz Dispense Optimization Group
Fizz leads the draught beer, wine, liquor, coffee and soda industries with the innovation of Nitro-Draught

Nitro-Draught™ Nitrogen Generator & Blend Gas Systems

Over the last 15 years, the Fizz team has developed nitrogen and beer gas generating and blending systems with the Carbo-Draught and released the Nitro-Draught upgrade in January 2008.  Our Nitro-Draught is able to make customized beer gas blends using Carbon Molecular Sieve technology.

Nitro-Draught is a totally hands-free solution that is safer then heavy high pressure cylinders .  No longer order cylinder gas. Don't worry about running out or changing cylinder gas.  You are assured the exact, proper gas blend.  Save money by choosing a monthly, quarterly or annual flat rate program that locks in your beer gas costs.  By using Nitro-Draught and our local beverage consultants, we have recaptured thousands of beer dollars monthly for our customers.

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Nitro-Daught™ for Wine Portion Control, Display, Preservation and Dispense

So often restaurant’s spend countless hours and dollars creating the perfect wine by the glass program and then miss the ideal customer experience and profit potential by improperly storing their open bottles of wine. Fizz has developed a self-contained preservation and display system: The Nitro- Draught system can finally realize the ideal wine by the glass program. Each bottle has its’ own, sealed dispensing faucet and has been purged of profit stealing oxygen by using beverage grade nitrogen. Since nitrogen is inert, it will not react with the remaining wine and will extend the shelf life while maintaining the wine makers original product.

Four key points to a wine by the glass program:

Portion control means profit.  Most restaurants have no accurate and consistent portion control systems in place.  Hence, wine by the glass programs break even or lose money.  A 5 oz pour, measured properly and easily, yield 5 glasses per 750 ml bottle.  The average restaurant yield is 2 or 3 glasses.  By using our portion control system, you can easily double your wine by the glass program’s profit.
Display increases visibility and sales.  Beer and liquor have a very high, visible profile and account for most sales by the glass.  Wine ranks an unprofitable third because it is not easily visible to the consumer.  By adding a high profile display, your guest will instantly know and more quickly order wine by the glass.

Fresh, properly stored wine stays profitable for weeks.  By using a preservation system, you can keep your wines fresh for up to 30 days.  Fresh, unspoiled wine increases guest satisfaction with their entire dining experience and sells more wine.  By having the confidence of preservation, you can expand your wine by the glass program to additional wine varietals and premium wine inventory.
Well executed wine by the glass programs sell more bottles.  When your guests enjoy fresh wine samples and glasses, they will be able to experience your wine by the bottle program.  Wine by the glass leads consumer’s to seeing the quality and value of wine by the bottle service.

I look forward to helping you find profit improvement opportunities in your wine program.